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Geranium Fertiliser

The best plant food for more flowers
Easy and quick to use

Like us, plants need nutrition to thrive and put on their best show. Feeding your plants enhances their performance no end. It’s as quick and easy as making yourself a cup of tea - simply add the feed to your compost as you pot them up and ... that’s it ... job done! Your display will reward you no end - you’ll see better foliage growth and many, many more flowers. We want you to be able to enjoy the best possible displays… and the way to achieve this is to give your plants the nutrition that they need! This feed is specially designed for geraniums but is also the perfect blend of nutrients for all your flowering plants all around the garden, not just your geraniums, so use this one feed for all your plants and enjoy a better show. Easy to use and full instructions included. Each pack contains 100g.

    • 1 x 100g pack

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £7.99
    • 1 x 100g pack geranium food

    • Only 99p when you order any other product  
    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £7.99
    • 3 x 100g packs geranium food

    • Only £2.97 when you order any other product  
    • Despatch: By end of March 2017
    • £14.99
This product will normally be delivered within 28 working days.
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