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Durable Greenhouse Cloche Set

Tunnel Cloche

Here is an easy way to protect your crops from frosts and animal pests to give them the very best growth! A set of robust tunnel cloches which are easy to set up - the thick, rigid walls provide protection for seedlings and young plants, whilst the integral rainwater collection reservoirs mean that plants can also enjoy natural rainwater. Especially useful when you grow your own veg in the garden as well ... long lasting, they can be used year after year to keep your crops thriving. Comprises 2 cloches, each 80cm (31in) long x 40cm (16in) wide x 22.5cm (9in) high and each with 1 end. 1 pack of 2 cloches and 2 ends. More info
    • 2 Cloches and 2 ends

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £34.99

Garden Work Bench (Fallen Fruits)

New Variety
A traditional farmhouse style work bench which is perfect for the most glamorous of potting sheds or summer houses. This 'Fallen Fruits' Garden Work Bench is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. The three drawers and shelf provide convenient storage for seed packets, plant labels, hand tools, plant food, garden twine and other gardening essentials, whilst seed sowing and potting on will be a breeze on the zinc work top.

Product dimensions: Height: 82.5cm (32.4"). Width: 78cm (30.7"). Depth: 38cm (14.9"). Weight: 13.3kg. Constructed from 100% FSC pinewood.
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    • 1 cream garden work bench

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £129.99

Potting Table (Fallen Fruits)

New Variety
This traditional farmhouse style 'Fallen Fruits' Potting Table makes a beautiful addition to any garden, potting shed or summer house. Featuring a zinc soil container set into the table top to save you bending down to your bag of compost whilst you fill seed trays and pots. The soil container can be removed, cleaned and refilled easily. The bottom shelf is a convenient place to store seeds, bulbs, twine and trowels and other small gardening tools - they'll be easy to reach whilst you are potting up. If required, you can fold away the potting table and store it when not in use - although with such an attractive piece of furniture you are bound to want to give it pride of place and find a myriad of other uses for it once seed sowing and potting on are complete.

Product dimensions: Height: 81.8cm (32.2"). Width: 78.5cm (30.9"). Depth: 58cm (22.8"). Weight: 15.1kg. Constructed from 100% FSC pinewood.
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    • 1 cream garden potting table

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £144.99


Durable Fold Away Greenhouse

Here is a perfect addition to help with the growing - a superb value greenhouse that is tall enough to stand up in and takes just 10 minutes to put up! Get your plants off to a flying start with the extra warmth that an enclosed greenhouse gives - capturing the warmth of the day. At the end of the season simply pack it away in the carry bag it comes in and re-use every year. Made from strong durable plastic, this greenhouse has adjustable vents and is a generous size to grow your plants in. Getting plants started off in a greenhouse means they start off with better growth and are bigger when it comes to planting out ... and we all know there is nothing more enjoyable than pottering about in the greenhouse! Lovely warm days outside spent potting up and tending our plants ... wonderful! Size 2m x 2m (6ft x 6ft). More info
    • 1 Greenhouse

    • Despatch:
    • £59.99
    • Out of stock